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We are still revamping this site. The hashtags for 2016 are #LTSMovingForwardTogether, #NHLTSAD2016 #StillHere, and #HIVresilient.

This year we’ve shortened our name!

It is 35 years since that fateful announcement changed the course of our lives. #HLTSAD2016 is about coming to get together and setting our own agenda for how we want to age. Yes, there are obstacles but let’s find solutions together. Let’s work together. It is coming up in June so start making your event plans now.

Please begin planning your events now, send the who what, when, where to and we’ll add them to the calendar.

We are working on toolkit for planning an event too and much more.

Please check out these recent mainstream pieces about long term survivors. The world is finally catching on about us!
Al Jazeera America has an amazing new piece about the current day realities of long-term survivors. Watch Stream here

If you have not seen the San Francisco Chronicle feature Last Men Standing by Erin Alday please read that too. We are starting to get mainstream press let’s make this the start of a trend. People need to know our stories, our struggles (like living in poverty and coping with complicated post traumatic stress or AIDS Survivor Syndrome. The story profiles 8 amazing long-term survivors For the first time ever the Chronicle has produced a film to accompany the feature.

See the trailer here: Last Men Standing Trailer. On April 8 there is a screening at the famous Castro Theater you can purchase tickets here: TICKETS.

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